The International Symposium on Environmental and Material Flow Management – EMFM2017 – will be organized this year for the seventh time, jointly by Technical Faculty in Bor,University of Belgrade (Serbia) , and the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld, University of Applied Sciences Trier (Germany) , and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Zenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina) , presenting a forum for scientific research discussion and practice on the subjects of environmental and material flow management.


Prof. dr Isidora Milošević     Prof. dr Eckard Helmers   Prof. dr Šefket Goletić Jukka Tikkanen                     Prof. dr Luminita Parv
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In the frame of EMFM 2017 symposium, round table panel discussion will be organized, with the main topic:

“Towards sustainable governance of natural resources: Co-management approach”.

All authors and participants of EMFM 2017 symposium are kindly invited to take participation at this round table by presenting their additional researches that used co-management concept for increasing legitimacy and effectiveness of sustainable governance of natural resources.

Moreover, for the authors, who will present their research during the round table, there is an additional possibility to publish their results in a monograph (with its own ISBN number) that is going to be issued after the symposium. The fee for publishing a paper in this monograph will be additional 50 euros. For further information please contact organizational team by e-mail: emfm@tfbor.bg.ac.rs  


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